Top 5 Methods for Everyone to Earn Money Online


Deciding to give up at your 9 to 5 tough job with a little pay in return and considering what to do next? Than “Online Jobs” may attract your attention cause they don’t have around the clock tough routine, no boss, complete freedom that you will ever want.

Below is the list of “Top 5 Methods” or top five works that you can start today online:


Starting your own blog is very easy and cost effective. If you have some writing skills you can start your own blog today. Write about anything you want like travel, fun, health, business or what ever you know about. Your writing skills will improve automatically with short span of time.

You can also take some paid or free courses to improve your writing skills. By taking these courses not only you will learn how to write an effective blog post but you will also come across some tactics to improve your reach to your audience and many more things that will help you in future.

There are many platforms out there you can use to create your very first blog absolutely free. These include blogger, wordpress, tumblr etc. I personally suggest you to use blogger or wordpress as they are easy to use and user friendly. If you want further assistance you can check out our post “How to Start Your Own Blog Today“.


Freelancing is like self-employment. You choose what to do, when to do and where to do. You are at complete liberty to choose the project that you like or that you feel is according to your level, your taste and your passion. There are no strict rules, no boring boss and no 9 to 5 office work.

There are many sites out there which aid freelancers to get projects. Famous one are Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr. I will suggest freelancer. It is a little hard to get started on freelancer but once you start getting projects it becomes a lot easy.

3.Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is providing goods from seller to direct customer with you as third person or bridge. In drop shipping you create your online store and when ever a customer places an order you buy that product from retailer or a seller and get it shipped directly to your customers door. This saves you from the headache of storing goods in your own ware house and then shipping to your customers when order is placed.


The major advantage is that you can start your very own ecommerce store without investing thousands of dollars for inventory or warehouse . With drop shipping model you don’t purchase goods unless you have made a sale and the customer have paid you.

Also you can head start with budget as low as $100 and a laptop. You can also select from a wide variety of products and flexible location. And drop shipping business is easy to scale as well.


The major disadvantage is low margins. Since drop shipping business is easy to start so mostly people rush towards this niche creating a good competition. And to win this competition drop shippers sale products at very very low marginal revenue.

This second disadvantage is that sometimes you have to take responsibility for things that you have not done. Like shipping wrong product or low quality products. Yes, it happens sometimes in drop shipping.

4.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting other people products and earning a revenue every time a successful order is placed using your affiliate link. Like drop shipping very little or no revenue is required to start affiliate marketing. You can earn from $5 to $1000 a day.

How affiliate marketing work? You simply start promoting the product, you selected to promote. You can promote it via social media, emails, ads or what ever you want. Whenever a user clicks your link a cookie will be dropped in his/her computer for a selected time period, usually 14-30 days. If the user purchase the product and checkout, merchant will trace the cookie and you will be paid commission. You can check the info-graph about how affiliate marketing works for further assistance.

Some popular affiliate marketing sites are Clickbank, Commission Junction and Maxbounty.

5.Sell Your Stuff

Got some old stuff that you don’t need anymore? Why not sale it?

Well selling your stuff that is no more of your use is a good idea. There is always some stuff at home that you do not need anymore. Selling this stuff can earn you a good money or alternatively you can buy some old or used stuff and sale it at some commission.

Many people are doing this business as full time and earning good commission while many are doing it for some extra money as part time. You can try your luck as well. If you do it right you can earn good cash as well.

There are many sites out there which buy and sell used stuff online. Some famous are Craiglist, Amazon and eBay.


There is always a way to earn money. All you need is just a start and once you get started you will find it easy. Just remember: What you opt to do, do properly and it will return you cash for sure.

These were just my ways of making money online. If you have one that works well share it in comments and be specific about it. Or if I missed something do mention it in comments. I am always open to your suggestions.


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