Apple’s iPhone 8 Wide Screen: Rumor or Reality

iphone 8 widescreen
iphone 8 widescreen

iPhone 8 is the trending topic on the internet since last two months. Various predictions and various rumors are out there which may or may not be true as Apple has not confirmed anything yet. These rumors will circulate until the launch or any official announcement by Apple.

Where many great and useful features have been predicted like glass case body, wireless charging, water resistance body, new touch sensors and vice verse. Words of mouth are that apple is also introducing a foldable flexible widescreen which will be a totally new feature for Apple as well as smartphone market.

Prediction is that the widescreen arms are made up of carbon fiber that have an ability to fold and unfold when required. There is a widescreen button on the top side which will allow you to see the widescreen in action with volume buttons on the side of widescreen.

If this is true then this will be really a unique and wonderful idea and if it’s a rumor it’s a good one actually. What ever it is: rumor or reality there are thousands of videos being made on this. Fan made predictions or what ever you would call it. I was just searching for iPhone 8 and found tons of videos and found this one really amazing. So, I thought it would be fun sharing it with iPhone lovers. Watch the video below.


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